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Volunteer social worker Rika Nishina (Megumi Okina, also the star of the original JU-ON) becomes involved with a mysterious case... The Tokunaga household includes an elderly woman called Sachie. When the social worker assigned to her fails to report in to work, Rika is asked to visit Sachie in his stead. When she arrives at the house, Sachie behaves strangely. Rika finds a young boy upstairs, shut in a closet. She reports to her superiors on the phone, then witnesses something strange happening to the old woman. Next, we are introduced to Sachie’s son and daughter-in-law, Katsuya and Kazumi. When Katsuya returns from work he finds Kazumi collapsed on the bed, before seeing the same little boy Rika saw. Katsuya’s sister, Hitomi, arrives at the house, only to find Katsuya in a state of anxiety. She reluctantly leaves, and the film continues in this way, introducing characters and showing what happens to them, whilst gradually revealing the background to the house and the little boy.