The Phone

THE PHONE's story... our main star, Ji-Won (played by the oh-so cutesy actress HA JI-WOEN) is a young tabloid journalist who is the essential key element in busting a wealthy fella's child pornography ring. He soon starts to harass her by making threatening phone calls and sending visually disturbing e-mails which includes her likeness being murdered onscreen. Ji-Won eventaully decides to change her cell phone number (this is when ITstarts) and her close friend Ting (played by the sophisticated and down right gorgeous actress KIM YOU-MI) who's married to high profile business fella, Chang (actor CHOI WOO-JAE) arranges for her to crash at their vacation home in another township until the stalker's trial is over.

Hoping that everything's going to be alright now, Ji-Won is alarmed when she starts to receive strange calls on her new cell phone number. She believes it's the stalker again, who somehow must have gotten her number, until one call is picked up by her friend, Ting's young daughter Ying (just excellently played by the five-year old actress EUN SEO-WOO). At the time, we (as in the audience) have no idea what the message she received was but the little girl starts to scream and later, begins to show signs of extremely deranged behavior and an unnatural sexual attraction towards her father. So much in fact, that she's almost willing to kill her own mother out of jealousy to have her "man"